Walayo Engineering Services Limited

Walayo Engineering Services Limited (WESL) in joint venture partnership with Kalva Engineers PVT Ltd, of India and also in technical partnership with Ultrascan Inspection company of Durban South Africa have qualified engineers and inspectors to provide services of quality inspection services in NDT, UT, MT, PT and welder training, welding procedure test, welder approval test, QA/QC inspection in line with industry specification and standards. We are Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) accredited company licensed to perform Non-destructive testing and inspection services in line with industry standards.

In the instrumentation/Calibration services, Walayo Engineering Services Limited (WESL) has been demonstrated professional instrument services, equipment calibration, and re-certification services in line with industry services and specifications.  This is done by proper diagnosis the fault and prepares an outright solution in line with industry standard. We are Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) accredited company licensed to perform calibration of petroleum storage tanks, measurement devices and re-certification of safety relieves valves. In areas of Piping equipment, Fittings and valve maintenance, Walayo Engineering Services Limited (WESL) in partnership with our principals in valve business, would deliver quality piping work, valve maintenance/re-certification and supply in line with approved industry standards and specifications that will be cost effective.

In the areas of Pipeline Intelligent Pigging, Walayo Engineering Services Limited in partnership with VKVC would demonstrate practical pipeline repair and maintenance services in line with industry standards. This also involves geometric survey using caliper methods. In the area of Engineering studies, Software modeling, design and facilities upgrade and modification, our engineering design office (EDO) that comprises of mostly engineers, technicians, design drafters, and document controllers would deliver qualitative engineering design, as built modification, contractor work assessment in line with industry standards.

With assistance from our technical partner, Prosim of France, we would deliver complete and flexible software dedicated to the simulation and optimization of steady-state processes. It can be used in design as well as in operations of existing plants for process optimization, units troubleshooting or debottlenecking, plants revamping or for performing front-end engineering analysis. In the area of Gas Turbine maintenance services- We carry out turbine maintenance services such as hot gas path inspection services, combustion inspection, major inspections, Borescope inspections, maintenance inspection, standby inspection, running inspection, online and offline cleaning on turbine rotor blades up to 1st, 2nd stage and 3rd stage shroud and bucket.

Our global procurement system backed by stringent quality assurance program pledges that pride is built into each step of a process, not added in at the early stage as shows in our employees, in our facility and in our services within our alliance. Walayo provides QA & Expediting services to the international oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Our financial stability, management expertise and extensive resources available enable us to provide customers with comprehensive services satisfying customer demands with a commitment to quality, specialized experience and a dedication to safety. We don’t compromise quality of our services and safety of staff and of equipment is our utmost priority which makes us to carry out induction training for all our new hires and our HSE policy is strictly adhered to in all our operations. We maintain priority in selling any of our products through the company that we are representing as agent/distributor.

Walayo Engineering Services provides calibration of various testing equipment, instruments measuring equipment, complete Laboratory Services such as Repair, Re-certifications, Calibrations and Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment. We supply various Laboratory and Scientific equipment through our representative in US, A. Daigger & Company Inc, Extech Instruments and Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group. They also provide after sales services to ensure proper calibration of the equipment.  Our Instrument Specialists is capable of diagnosing any equipment and provide immediate solution. We are being accredited to provide this service to Nigerian Oil & Gas industries by Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

Walayo Engineering in partnership with Kalva Engineers PVT, India will provide certification as ASNT Level I, II and III. Kalva Institutes, located in India was set up to handle training and certifications. We also provide training/certification in ASNT Level I and II (Ultrasonics Testing, Visual inspection Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Eddy current testing, Radiography Testing, Interpretation of Radiographic films, and welding inspection etc) through the Kalva Institute of NDT & Quality management, a training wing of Kalva Engineers PVT Ltd (ISO 9001:2000 certified training centre) Due to Federal government local content policy, we can provide training and certification to our Nigerian engineers/technicians for human capacity development and manpower management. We can as well train local personnel on process simulation software modelling.

Our strategy is to provide professional project management, design and engineering services to enhance our client's own organization or to manage complete projects on their behalf. Our unique services offer the ability to provide complete project teams and engineering staff to meet our client’s technical and budgetary requirements. All projects are carried out in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standards and follow strict corporate procedures in the areas of health, safety and environmental management.  Design is completed to international industry standards and to client specifications.  Every job, regardless of size, is subject to the same project management principles and controls.

We can provide personnel both on short term and long term contract. We place considerable emphasis on robust personnel selection for provision of expatriate and local supply, using screening processes in order to ensure we supply appropriate personnel to meet client requirements. Our role can be limited to the recruitment or be a fully managed service including mobilization, accommodation within our own facilities, transportation to and from site, visa and work permit registration and supply of all necessary PPE.


Project management services: Third Party Management, Planning , Cost control, Procurement, QHSE, Document Control, Administration

Multi discipline design: Management of change, Feasibility studies, Design studies & reports, Surveys, Front end engineering design, Detailed design, Risk analysis

Construction and implementation: Workpacks, Implementation risk analysis, Site supervision, Site construction & installation

Commissioning and testing: Test packages, Pre commissioning, Commissioning, On-Site training, Start up

Close out: Certification documentation, As - building, Handover

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